SDA Providers Association Becomes the SDA Professionals Association

The SDA Providers Association was formed in 2019 to develop better standards for the design and operation of Specialist Disability Accommodation.

In the last year it became apparent that other professionals in this space also needed a voice and after lengthy discussions, rather than starting other associations, SDA Providers Association has become the SDA Professionals Association, with chapters dedicated to:

SDA Assessors

SDA Investors & Developers

SDA Providers

SDA Specialist Support Coordinators

Miscellaneous Chapter for other professionals such as Occupational Therapists and Suppliers


SDA Professionals bring together a diverse range of professionals in the Specialist Disability
Accommodation sector to advocate for excellence in the design, supply and operation of
disability accommodation to ensure that persons living with a disability have access to a
wide variety of fit for purpose disability accommodation across all regions of Australia.

Participants First

Our members recognise that when participants win, we do. We keep the participants at the forefront of what we do.

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